Creating an account

Open your browser and go to the home page of your Qiita installation; for the public Qiita instance, this is Click on “New User”.


The “New User” link brings you to a page on which you can create a new account. Optional fields are indicated explicitly, while all other fields are required. Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent to you containing instructions on how to verify your email address. Note that your account will NOT be created until your email address is verified. If you do not receive the verification email, check your spam folder.

If you are in a single user installation you will need to be in a network (like your house’s or a coffee shop’s) that does not block port 25. Most universities and corporations block this port for security reasons.

Logging into your account and resetting a forgotten password

Once you have created your account, you can log into the system by entering your email and password.


If you forget your password, you will need to reset it.  Click on “Forgot Password”.


This will take you to a page on which to enter your email address; once you click the “Reset Password” button, the system will send you further instructions on how to reset your lost password.


Updating your settings and changing your password

If you need to reset your password or change any general information in your account, click on your email at the top right corner of the menu bar to access the page on which you can perform these tasks.