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The gut microbiota distinguishes GI-healthy and -unhealthy captive colobineprimates - Hale folivorous primates (MiSeq)

I currently have a total of 160 DNA samples (from feces) that represent the following species: wild Rhinopithecus brelichi (Guizhou snub nosed monkey, 3 wild Macaca thibetana (Tibetan macaque),10 captive Rhinopithecus brelichi (Guizhou snub nosed monkey),3 captive Rhinopithecus roxellana (Sichuan snub nosed monkey, 2 captive Colobus guereza (Eastern black and white colubus monkey),16 captive Nasalis larvatus (Proboscis monkey);-8 captive Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus (Red shanked douc langur), 11 captive Trachyipthecus auratus (Javan langur), 3 captive Trachypithecus vetulus vatulus/nestor (Purple faced langurs), 1 pooled sample from Ateles geoffroyi (Spider monkeys). These samples were collected by Chia Tan (San Diego Zoo) and myself from the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve (Guizhou, China), the Panxi Breeding Center (Guizhou, China), the Singapore Zoo (Singapore), and the Columbian Park Zoo (Lafayette, Indiana, USA). All samples amplified on a gel after performing PCR with 16srRNA primers.

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