The Qiita REST API is currently only for internal use and is composed of the following endpoints:

Action URI Description
GET /api/v1/study/<int> Get study details (title, contacts, abstract, description and alias).
GET /api/v1/study/<int>/samples Get samples associated with a study and the available metadata headers for these samples.
PATCH /api/v1/study/<int>/samples Update sample metadata or add samples to the sample information.
GET /api/v1/study/<int>/samples?categories=foo,bar Get metadata categories foo and bar for all samples in the study.
GET /api/v1/study/<int>/status The status of a study (whether or not the study: is public, has sample information, sample information has warnings and a list of existing preparations.
GET /api/v1/person Get list of persons.
GET /api/v1/person?name=foo&affiliation=bar See if a person exists.
POST /api/v1/study Create a study (mirrors study creation on qiita UI with minimal requirements).
POST /api/v1/person?name=foo&affiliation=bar&email=address Create a study person (ie lab person or PI).
POST /api/v1/study/<int>/preparation Associate a prep with a study.
POST /api/v1/study/<int>/preparation/<int>/artifact Associate filepaths to a preparation, assuming this filepaths are present in the uploads folder.