Qiita Spots Patterns

Qiita (canonically pronounced cheetah) is an entirely open-source microbial study management platform. It allows users to keep track of multiple studies with multiple ‘omics data. Additionally, Qiita is capable of supporting multiple analytical pipelines through a 3rd-party plugin system, allowing the user to have a single entry point for all their analyses.

Qiita’s main site provides database and compute resources to the global community, alleviating the technical burdens, such as familiarity with the command line or access to compute power, that are typically limiting for researchers studying microbial ecology.

Qiita’s platform allows for quick reanalysis of the datasets that have been deposited using the latests analytical technologies. This means that Qiita’s internal datasets are living data that is periodically re-annotated according to current best practices.

For more information about how to use Qiita visit the documentation.

Note that you should be log into the system to access to any studies and files available.