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House Observations in Microbial and Environmental Chemistry

Humans spend >90% of their time indoors. Despite this, the chemistry of a home, how it changes due to human use and how the surfaces affect this molecular composition is mostly unexplored. In a full-sized test home, using untargeted metabolomics, it was assessed how a month of use, including cooking, cleaning, walking in and out of the house, bathroom duties, eating and working, shape the molecular profile of the surfaces in all rooms. Molecules associated with eating/cooking, bathroom use and personal care can be found throughout the entire house, while molecules such as medications, outdoor biocides and microbially-derived molecules were found to be distributed in a regiospecific manner. The house, and it’s microbial occupants, in turn, also introduce chemical transformations such as differences in oxidation or transformations of food-borne molecules. The awareness and the ability to observe the molecular changes introduced by people could influence future building designs.

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