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Maternal Immune Activation

Autism spectrum disorders are a poorly understood, complex brain abnormality of increasing global prevalence. Our current study investigates the role of chronic prenatal cytokine exposure (interlukin-6) on neural and behavioral phenotypes associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We have demonstrated through direct infusion of IL6 that exposure to maternal inflammation influences the offspring’s socialization. As the microbiome has been shown to play an increasing role in ASD, we hope to further investigate how the microbiome is altered in our established animal model and the microbiome’s relationship to behavioral changes and fMRI phenotypes. These functional connectivity MRI phenotypes have been paralleled in humans, increasing the translational potential of the study. A comprehensive longitudinal study of how inflammatory cytokines can directly influence the microbiome may increase our understanding of the immune-gut axis and its interplay with the gut-brain axis.

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