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public: 665
private: 163
sandbox: 2,209
submitted to EBI: 715
public: 350,043
private: 107,547
sandbox: 465,248
submitted to EBI: 263,928
submitted to EBI (prep): 308,182
16S: 323,673
18S: 8,896
ITS: 14,127
Metagenomic: 50,690
Full Length Operon: 803
Metatranscriptomic: 11,764
Metabolomic: 407
Genome Isolate: 1,131
11,124 595,506

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Subtle shifts in microbial communities occur alongside the release of carbon induced by drought and rewetting in contrasting peatland ecosystems

This project will assess the composition and functional capacity of soil microbial communities across a replicated time series of droughted and control ‘megacores’ which represent two key peatland types from North Wales. The objective of this study is to understand how climate change will affect the ability of microbial communities to decompose organic matter in peatlands, and to link this to changes in fluxes of greenhouse gases and DOC.

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